Senior Real Estate Specialist, Janet Douglas, REALTOR Windermere Exclusive PropertiesHow to plan for your next life style change can be perplexing, but can be greatly simplified if you use the talents of professionals trained to handle Senior Living. After earning my SRES designation (Senior Real Estate Specialist) I joined the Eldercare Resource Team. We are a collaborate group of independent professionals working in a variety of different industries (from Accounting to Care Giving) who have come together to help raise the level of care for Seniors in San Diego.

Our team can provide you with information that will aid you in analyzing what style of living is right for you at this point in your life.

When it comes time to think of selling the family home and moving into age-appropriate housing, there are many options to consider. Here are just a few:

  • Retirement communities
  • Condos
  • Independent living facilities
  • Assisted care homes
  • Skilled nursing homes

Condos and Retirement Communities usually do not provide any type of care or meal service. Independent Living Facilities may offer you your own apartment with some kind of meal service available. Assisted Living Communities usually have individual apartments that you need to furnish, but they offer more care. They can help you bathe, dress and go to the doctor’s. They provide all of your meals, even at your bedside if you are not feeling well. The Skilled Nursing Homes are for individuals who require 24-hour, complete nursing assistance.

To make a decision that will determine your entire lifestyle, consult a professional and ask for their advice. As a REALTOR® and a Senior Real Estate Specialist, I am trained in Senior moves. Whether you are contemplating a condo, a retirement community or some independent living facilities, I am available to answer your questions.

You may also want to speak with Amy Abrams, of Eldercare Guides. She specializes in finding the right assisted living or nursing facility. Irving Eisenberg of Wealth Manager Group can help you figure out how you can afford this move. Michael Pohl of RSF Mortgage may help you find the money to borrow for such a move. Our team is devoted to making your moves less stressful and helping you plan your sunset years for relaxation and peace of mind.

One Active Retirement Community for those 55 years and above is nestled in the hills above Carlsbad, California. It is called, Ocean Hills Country Club. This gated community of 1600 homes is priced from the mid $300,000 to $800,000 and has homes from approximately 900 sq ft to over 2500 sq ft . Some have ocean views, some golf course frontage and all are architecturally interesting with white stucco and red tile roofs. Numerous amenities are available like the golf course, pool, tennis and clubhouse. Call me at (619) 540-5891 for more information or if you would like a private tour of the community.

Want to see more photos of the Ocean Hills Country Club? Follow the link below:

More Photos of Ocean Hills Country Club:

Lush Golf Course

Full Exercise Room

Large Pool

Tennis Courts


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