ECRT Meeting Facilitator description

A different Meeting Facilitator will be assigned for each monthly team meeting, in a rotation, so that responsibility is distributed equally among all team members.

The Meeting Facilitator is responsible for:

  • Selecting a meeting speaker and topic: The facilitator may either give a presentation to the group, or arrange for an outside speaker on a topic of interest to the group
  • The meeting location. Confirm with Amy Abrams the need for the Hera Hub location. If you select an alternative location, you are responsible for all the details and logistics.
  • (A separate member will handle the snacks, unless you made the food/snacks arrangements with with your alternative meeting location.)
  • Including the meeting location in your meeting announcement email to all.
  • Preparing the meeting’s 60 minute agenda and timeline, considering any meeting-specific needs
  • E-mailing the agenda to all team members in advance of the meeting, and soliciting members’ RSVPs
  • Bringing printed copies of the agenda to the meeting
  • Facilitating the monthly meeting, ensuring that timelines and focus are maintained
  • Completing any follow-up communications or action items that may be required after the meeting

-If we use Hera Hub, go through Amy, the cost is $60. Jim will reimburse Amy.
-If we use Elijah’s or similar venue, mention separate tickets for the food. Have them set the tables “four in a square” (rather than four long–or a similar layout). This makes it easier to communicate with each other.
-In selecting an alternate location, keep in mind ease of finding the location, parking, the size of the room, etc.
-The member bringing the snacks will get reimbursed. Bring the receipt to the meeting or email it to Jim. Some facilitators elect to bring the snacks without reimbursement.

Please be in touch with any questions about facilitator duties.

Lauren Derstine-Humphries                Joan Tincher
(619) 454- 4428                                       (760) 484-3150                  

Last updated 7/7/13