We’re here to help.

Caring for an elderly relative or adult dependent can be a real challenge and can cause major issues with your ability to keep an appropriate balance with work and life. Making arrangements, handling financial and legal issues, and finding community resources can be time consuming, frightening, and frustrating. And it can get worse if you have to deal with all of this during work hours or with other ongoing issues of your own.

The Elder Care Resource Team is group of independent professionals who have teamed together to offer needed services needed during times of stress. During such trying times our team, either together or individually, elevates the standard of care and professional services for elders and their families in the San Diego community.

Regardless of the time frame that you are in, planning in advance or have current and pressing issues, our professionals are here to help. Simply find your need on Our Members page and click on the link. You will find a brief description of the services they provide and their contact information.